TetraKO liquid for demanding applications

Available in 2016, second generation TetraKO liquid is formulated for a wide range of firefighting and fire retardant applications, including use with municipal fire trucks, wildland firefighting trucks, skid units and rail grinding vehicles.

“In all instances, we used identical equipment—a 1 3⁄4-inch line and fog nozzle set at a semi-straight stream, but the results, depending on materials used, were far from identical.

Pod 1: Used water only—and 450 gallons were required to extinguish the fire

Pod 2: Used Triple-A foam—and 280 gallons were required to extinguish the fire

Pod 3: Used TetraKO solution—and used only 40 gallons and extinguishment took only 8 seconds”

—EFI Global Inc., a nationally recognized, full-service forensic engineering & fire investigation group

TetraKO liquid is being designed to be used “on-demand” when spraying, similar to traditional Class A foam systems, with the concentrate from a reservoir feeding into the water stream.

This liquid is being tested using traditional firefighting vehicles, ATVs and backpack sprayers.