Leading Fire Industry Publication Reviews TetraKO Water Enhancer

“Like most of you in the fire service, I constantly read about large fires around the country that cause a great deal…” Read TetraKO XL-P article by Bob Vaccaro of Fire Rescue.

EarthClean LLC Announces Blue Sky / Green Earth Initiatives for its Award-Winning, Plant-Based Technologies

Biodegradable formulations designed to protect crops and reduce use of synthetic farm chemicals.

EarthClean LLC Seeks Licensee for its Patented Biodegradable Fire Suppressant – TetraKO

EarthClean retains The Chicago Corporation to assist in finding licensees and/or distribution partners for patented, QPL approved, TetraKO® XL firefighting water enhancer product line.

TetraKO Water Enhancer Receives QPL Designation; Now Approved for Wildland Firefighting on Federal Lands

Innovative, cornstarch-based water enhancer is a new tool for fire suppression and fire management operations.

TetraKO XL-P Granulate Water Enhancer Successfully Completes a Series of Wildland Firefighting Aerial Drop Tests

EarthClean LLC and Aero Spray Inc. conduct tests with TetraKO, a cornstarch-based, biodegradable water enhancer.

EarthClean LLC Announces TetraKO® XL-L, a New Liquid Formula of Its Patented Water Enhancer

New injectable liquid is undergoing testing with ground and aerial equipment manufacturers.

EarthClean Presents at MN Incident Command System (MNICS) / Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact (GLFFC) Conference 

Wildland firefighting planners and commanders evaluate TetraKO water enhancer.

EarthClean LLC Introduces Second Generation TetraKO Water Enhancer; Launches New Website

Nontoxic TetraKO granulate quickly mixes with water and delivers unmatched performance. 

EarthClean named Ag Innovator of the Year

Company honored with 2015 award for its cornstarch-based fire suppressant by Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI).

TetraKO featured at 2015 Alaska Fire Conference.

TetraKO was demonstrated to 300 professional firefighters and instructors in Seward, Alaska.