Protecting our planet

EarthClean develops nontoxic, sustainable products that protect firefighters by reducing their exposure to toxic chemicals, and are less damaging to fish, wildlife and sensitive watersheds.

Our innovative corn starch-based TetraKO granulate and liquid were created specifically for fire management applications. They're proven to be more effective in knockdown and control than existing foams, fire suppressants, and phosphorous — and ammonia dioxide-based retardants — and safer for the environment. See our test results and white papers for details.

Based on our continued investment in research and development, several key industries have shown strong interest and are testing TetraKO’s innovative technology for new applications.

Nontoxic TetraKO XL-P

Provides faster knockdown and suppression of Class-A fires compared to water, foams and gels

Reduces smoke and water damage

Conserves water

Eliminates water run-off to lakes and streams

Enhances firefighter safety through fast knockdown without using toxic chemicals

TetraKO: Safer than the competition.

Our first products addressed the growing concerns about existing firefighting foams and phosphorus- and ammonia-based retardants, including

  • firefighter exposure to toxic chemicals
  • damage to fish, wildlife, and sensitive watersheds 
  • less effective fire knockdown and control

View test results.