Environmental advantages using sustainable technology  

Safe and effective TetraKO XL-P firefighting water enhancer offers a number of environmental advantages compared to polymer-based fire suppressants, and phosphorus- and ammonia-based retardants, including:

|  Biodegradable  |
Certified “ready biodegradable” by an accredited, independent research lab. To be considered ready biodegradable, products must have the natural ability to biodegrade to their natural state, when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity in 28 days.

|  Nontoxic  |
Certified to be nontoxic to mammals, fish, water and plants by independent research organizations.

|  Sustainable  |
Uses corn starch, a renewable agricultural product.

|  Reduces smoke  |
Provides faster knockdown than water, foams and gels to reduce smoke generation, conserve water, and virtually eliminate water run-off to lakes and streams.

|  Reduces emissions  |
Suppresses fires quickly and prevents materials from igniting, thereby reducing emission of toxic chemicals and carbon dioxide.

|  Protects environment  |
Clings to trees, bushes and grasses without falling to the ground, protecting these plants and keeping them cool and hydrated.

|  No cleaning solvents  |
Cleans with water and easily washes off surfaces, hoses and tanks without the need for solvents.