Wildly successful fighting wildland fires 

In wildland firefighting applications, TetraKO XL-P firefighting gel provides fast fire knockdown and unmatched protection for all vegetative fuels. When applied to grasses and other sensitive fuels, it sticks to surfaces and will not fall to the ground, creating a nontoxic fire protection barrier.

Its surface texture and moisture-holding properties enable TetraKO XL-P to outperform conventional wildland firefighting foam and gel products.

Safe and sustainable TetraKO XL-P water enhancer has been successfully tested by California wildland firefighting crews—including Los Angeles County and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

TetraKO XL-P also has been used with excellent results on fast moving grass fires in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and has been tested by the French Forest Service.

TetraKO XL-P has been used in Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs).

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