Seeing is believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth volumes. Watch these videos to see how TetraKO provides exceptional knockdown and control.

The Best of EarthClean TetraKO Knockdown

Watch TetraKO's greatest hits.

TetraKO Greater Bordeaux France Trials - 2014

The French fire service evaluated TetraKO as a method for protecting sensitive areas in a wildfire test-burn.

TetraKO live barn fire knock down

A real-life demonstration to show the effectiveness of TetraKO.

TetraKO car fire knockdown

Approximately 7 gallons of TetraKO mixed solution, zero rekindles.

EarthClean Drum Mixing

A demonstration of drum mixing.

EarthClean Eductor Mixing

A demonstration of eductor mixing.

EarthClean Extinguisher Mixing

A demonstration of extinguisher mixing.

EarthClean Nozzle Mixing

A demonstration of nozzle mixing.

EarthClean Skid Mixing

A demonstration of skid mixing.

EarthClean Soft Pack Mixing

A demonstration of soft pack mixing.

EarthClean Tote Mixing

A demonstration of tote mixing.