Sustainable technology and outstanding results

Our second-generation product, TetraKO XL-P water enhancer, is a patented corn starch-based fire suppressant and retardant that removes heat, smothers burning materials, protects surfaces from igniting and prevents re-kindling. 

Available in granulate and liquid form, it clings to vertical surfaces.

When TetraKO XL-P is exposed to fire, it traps moisture against the surface and slowly releases a persistent water vapor curtain. This stick-and-stay characteristic enables heat calorie absorption that can be up to 10 times more effective than water alone.

“The fire was knocked down and extinguished in eight minutes.

It went down and stayed down, and there was no rekindle. I wasn’t expecting this quick of a result.

I’ve been a firefighter for 20 years and this went much better than I expected based on my initial observations upon arrival.”

—Doug Nelson, SBM Fire Chief, Spring Lake Park/Blaine/ Mounds View (SBM), Minnesota

TetraKO XL-P is certified to be “ready biodegradable” (the highest level possible) and nontoxic to mammals, fish, water and plants. 

It turns water into an efficient hydrocolloid that can be pumped using standard firefighting equipment including

  • APW extinguishers
  • backpack sprayers
  • skid units
  • trucks
  • air tankers