Mix it up with TetraKO granulate

Patented, corn starch-based TetraKO XL-P is a game-changing product due, in part, to its ability to quickly mix with water and its excellent shear-thinning properties. TetraKO XL-P can be easily mixed and pumped using standard firefighting equipment.

TetraKO XL-P granulate can be poured directly into a wide range of existing firefighting apparatus and equipment, including air-pressurized fire extinguishers, backpack sprayers, skid units, and tankers.

“Firefighters lit the first fire and let it get roaring really strong, so that the flames were well over the garage peak. We had one fire team, using a 1 1⁄2-inch hose, hit it and I don’t think they used more than 15-20 gallons at most.

You could see the smoke change color and the steam conversion happen – and they were able to walk in after less than a minute. It was a really impressive knockdown!”

—Mike Buchanan, Maintenance Captain, Montour Fire Department, Montour, Iowa

TetraKO XL-P granulate is conveniently packaged to mix with water to create specific common volumes.

  • Mix 4-oz. bottle with 2.5-gallons/10-liters of water (e.g. air-pressurized water)
  • Mix 8-oz. bottle with 5-gallons/19-liters of water (e.g. backpack sprayer)
  • Mix 5-pound bag with 100-gallons/350-liters of water
  • Mix 10-pound bag with 250-gallons/950-liters of water
  • Mix 22-pound bag with 500-gallons/1,900-liters of water.

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